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Bench, founded in the UK in 1989, is represented in 34 countries in Europe and North America and offers fashionable yet functional lifestyle clothing for men, women and kids. Unique in its approach to design, the Bench collection has focused on developments in fabric and construction to create clothing that equips the wearer for a 24-hour lifestyle.

Born in 1989 initially as a small menswear brand with roots in skate and BMX culture, Bench today is a global brand. Throughout its evolution, Bench has maintained its uniqueness, and successfully expanded internationally, developing iconic products such as the hoodie to remain in tune to the cultural zeitgeist while integrating both womenswear and kids collections. Bench is now renowned as a brand that offers fashionable, comfortable, wearable and timeless pieces.

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Founded in 2010, Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based menswear label. Inspired by the founder’s own African heritage and passion for contemporary fashion an alternative path has been found, turning Daily Paper into a well-respected creator of authentic ready-to-wear garments. The menswear label is known for being affected by different African cultures incorporating these influences into modern design with a unique rugged character.

Daily Paper’s focus lies in the design of men’s fashion apparel that considers authenticity, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials. The products are made to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and personal style. Devoted to quality garments, fine detailing, culture and overall great designs, Daily Paper stays true to their unique brand aesthetic.

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DJINN'S is a German based brand established in 2001. Coming up with the first
produced item, a re-invented and handcrafted version of the classic Wallabee,
the label developed its own brandmark producing styles with high quality fabrics
and designs.
With the eye on details and solid, good quality DJINN'S stands for customized
sneakers, caps and bags and follows the idea of individual but matching items in
color and fabric as one of its signature features.

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Grimey Wear was founded in the year 2006 on the outskirts of Madrid (Spain). It started with a 8 t–shirts sampler, all of them designed and printed by the co-founders of the brand in a small basement of 20 sq meters big. The brand starts growing up to finally consolidate as one of the most important street wear brands in Europe. Grimey offers something innovative, not too simply , not too sophisticated, covering a huge range of designs without loosing our identity, always making use of significative slogan messages.

We are people who have lived the street culture since the early 80´s. Its creation and development has been the same as any product built in the street, without resources but with a lot of heart and effort. It began from zero and it´s become one of the most important brands. Our motto is “burning and looting”, a metaphor of the style of the brand. We wanted to introduce ourselves into the game in a different way and change the rules out there. You can tell by the message in every t-shirt. Grimey is street, sells street and invest in the street.

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Since its foundation in 2004, HUB has remained focused on its main objective, to only design high quality footwear that is truly timeless. The brand represents an athletic, metropolitan lifestyle, combined with a clean, minimalist appearance. An attitude and style that is expressed clearly throughout each collection. HUB’s founder Huub van Boeckel, a former professional tennis player, never lost his strong mentality or his love for sneakers – which inspired him to start developing his own sneaker. Each season, these characteristics are closely observed and will serve as inspiration to reinvent some of the classic designs, resulting in a must-have for the next season.

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Iriedaily was founded in 1994 by Daniel Luger, Roland Wagner and Walter Molt – with street artist Jaybo Monk joining the team as the art director, whose distinctive style shaped the company’s face for years in significant fashion. An effective growth always was of major importance to the actual firm owners, which in return ensured Iriedaily to overcome the manifold crises within the textile trade during all these years notwithstanding.

These days the brand can call a devoted and steadily increasing fan community its own, underlined by the fact that the products – collections for men and women, which confidently stand between streetwear, sportswear and street fashion – are now sold in over 400 stores in fifteen different countries. 21 years have passed since the company’s formation, and since then IRIEDAILY’s staff of permanent employees has grown up to an impressive number of 30, whereof the majority of them are on board since many years already.

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Makia was born in the old worker district of Helsinki, where ships are still being built right next to our office, in the part of the town we als refer to as Monterosso. Our clothes are designed to endure the rough weather of the north, to accompany you for years to come.

Makia produces easily approachable clothing to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends. We thrive for making our designs as usable and functional as possible, to become a part of our customer’s everyday life. No-nonsense clothing that you won’t want to throw away.

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Naketano is the name of an idea, a certain conception of what it is that defines truly genuine streetfashion design. On this particular subject, one will come across as many varying opinions as there are fashion designers and those who consider themselves designers. In the eyes of Nicole Christensen, Naketano´s head designer, a fashion designer receives ultimate accolade when a piece of clothing becomes a favourite piece.

When one buys and wears other garments solely to combine them with the one, the favourite piece. Whoever craves to wear one item constantly (if possible or hygienically bearable), on any occasion and in all possible and impossible combinations, awards that item´s designer to the max and, at the same time, defines the benchmark Naketano perpetually aims to reach.

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Penfield was established in Hudson, Massachusetts in 1975, by Harvey Gross. A pioneering figure in the American outerwear industry since the early 1960s. Gross recognized and championed the strength of down insulated outerwear for its unique and unrivalled ability to provide durable warmth and protection.

Over the years, Penfield became one of the market leaders at producing high quality outerwear embodying the stylish 'New England' aesthetic. It was this stylish New England aesthetic, that helped to introduce the American outerwear look to an international market and Penfield began exporting in 1979. Since then, high-profile collaborations, innovative fabric developments together with an unfaltering commitment to quality, practicality, durability, function and style have all caught the attention of the top retailers across the globe.

Today, Penfield garments are still designed by people who know and love the outdoors.

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Founded in 1997 with a simple idea - functional, well designed pants - some twenty years later, Reell is a pan-European brand on a mission to innovate. Well beyond simply being a pants specialist, quality products at honest prices remain our backbone.

Rooted deep in urban lifestyles, Reell is driven to provide Freedom to Move. Our full-fledged collection hits the stores twice a year, featuring high-quality fabrics, innovative details and sharp yet laid-back designs. Button-downs, sweatwear, technical jackets and slick accessories; Reell is a brand to watch for uncomplicated everyday pieces, built for demanding wear.

From local set-up to international streetwear specialist, Reell currently retails via its own online store as well as at stockists across the globe. You can find us in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland & the UK… the list keeps growing, we keep moving.

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In 1980, surfer/designer Shawn Stussy printed his signature logo on t-shirts which he sold around Southern California. As the Stussy clothing line expanded, it’s raw and modern aesthetic was embraced by a tight knit group of musicians, skaters, surfers, DJs and artists with similar tastes.

Today, Stussy combines a number of these influences to create cutting edge street fashion for this international “Stussy Tribe.” From New York to London to Tokyo to Los Angeles... Increase the Peace!!!

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Since 2003 Wemoto Clothing has reached out to a fantastic group of people bound by similar cause and interest. Led by a small group of related minds, Wemoto Clothing has earned respected credibility within the last years. In order to communicate with people and touch them with new ideas, Wemoto Clothing presents new designs, unique color palates and unexpected fabrics each season.

Every day we grow smarter and steadier working with friends to build up a strong brand. We are happy to be with all the good people by our side working towards the same ideals and goals. This relationship between all kind of individuals is the very foundation of Wemoto Clothing and we invite you to be part of it.

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A premium streetwear brand born in the streets of Stockholm, offering innovative and contemporary clothing and accessories for the intellectual slacker who is seeking to express originality in a world of uniform thinking.

Established in 1999, WeSC -which stands for "We are the Superlative Conspiracy"- is described as a street-fashion brand for intellectual slackers. It's a company of people with shared values and goals, all avid skateboarders, snowboarders, and above all, creative minds. The inspiration for WeSC's style and attitude is the Weactivist- he or she who's extremely good at what they do, and world famous or not, blazes new trails in their sport or art.

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The outdoor brand Woolrich has always been associated with comfortable, durable clothes of the highest quality. A true American classic, which has existed for over 180 years and is renowned for its signature model, Arctic Parka.

Woolrich began operations in 1830 in Pennsylvania, United States, the brand is based on the local interest in wool and America’s genuine sewing knowledge. Woolrich embrace their heritage, producing classic products without taking away their unique charm. John Rich II, son of English wool - carded emigrated from Liverpool in search of happiness and a better future in the new country of America.

In the 90's the Italian firm WP Lavori in agreement with the U.S. Woolrich, a license that gave them the right to use Woolrich as a mark of their Italian fit. WP created the brand Woolrich John Rich & Bros., focusing on the European market. Woolrich John Rich & Bros combines the brand’s historical identity with a contemporary interpretation of iconic Americana, with a sophisticated take on military, outdoor and utilitarian style.

About Street-O

Independent Streetwear Brands

StreetO is the first dedicated search engine for independent streetwear brands. It’s the best alternative to Google Shopping, in fact it works much easier for you as a customer. On StreetO you can compare and choose within the same website. Once you have chosen, you are directed to the brand shop where you can buy your favourite product directly.

Straightforward, Clear & Intuitive

The search procedure of StreetO is straightforward, the items are listed in a clear and intuitive way. With so many streetwear brands - possibly even some you never heard of before - listed on one website, you can be confident that you will find your favourite piece of clothing in only a couple of clicks.

Creative backbone

We believe that independent brands are the creative backbone of the clothing industry. With Street O(riginals) we want to create a European platform where visitors can search an extensive database of creative streetwear, contemporary fashion and footwear products, designed and manufactured by those independent brands. This means much more diversity for customers and unique pieces of clothing that no one wears but you.

Increased diversity

Independent brands are driven by passion in the first place, not by profit. Accordingly, their marketing budgets are only a fraction of what the major brands can afford. This poses a severe thread to the diversity that is essential to the streetwear, contemporary fashion and footwear market. StreetO challenges the dominance of stock market listed companies.