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About Street-O

Independent Streetwear Brands

StreetO is the first dedicated search engine for independent streetwear brands. It’s the best alternative to Google Shopping, in fact it works much easier for you as a customer. On StreetO you can compare and choose within the same website. Once you have chosen, you are directed to the brand shop where you can buy your favourite product directly.

Straightforward, Clear & Intuitive

The search procedure of StreetO is straightforward, the items are listed in a clear and intuitive way. With so many streetwear brands - possibly even some you never heard of before - listed on one website, you can be confident that you will find your favourite piece of clothing in only a couple of clicks.

Creative backbone

We believe that independent brands are the creative backbone of the clothing industry. With Street O(riginals) we want to create a European platform where visitors can search an extensive database of creative streetwear, contemporary fashion and footwear products, designed and manufactured by those independent brands. This means much more diversity for customers and unique pieces of clothing that no one wears but you.

Increased diversity

Independent brands are driven by passion in the first place, not by profit. Accordingly, their marketing budgets are only a fraction of what the major brands can afford. This poses a severe thread to the diversity that is essential to the streetwear, contemporary fashion and footwear market. StreetO challenges the dominance of stock market listed companies.